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Ghost Train – Elmhurst, IL

An invisible freight train barrels through Elmhurst on the railroad tracks every Tuesday morning at 3:30.  You will hear the train and feel the vibrations but you can’t see it.  Many years ago a train wrecked.  It’s believed to be a residual haunting that was stronger a few decades back, but is still strong enough…
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York Manor Crane Sanitarium

York Manor a three-story red brick structure was built in 1891, other reports say the Gothic mansion was completed as far back as the 1870’s. It was the home of Dr. Frederick and Mrs. Martha Fischer, sometimes refereed to as the Fischer Mansion.  Frederick J.T. Fischer (1862-1906) was an original Elmhurst settler, a civil war…
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Single Track Train Track

When I first heard of this haunting, it sounded almost like an urban-legend.  It reminded me of your typical story of a lady in white roaming a cemetery.  I wanted to dig deeper because I was skeptical, and because I only had this little tid-bit of information below to go by for 5 years until…
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