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Lexington Elementary School

Story Published: October 25th, 2022 history: Lexington Elmentary School closed in 2015. The building has since been used for church services and other purposes for the community in the years following its closure. sprit activity: Late at night, lights from within the school flash, and loud screeches or screams have reportedly been heard before. Those…
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Acorn Drive & East Ave

Story Published: October 18th, 2022 spirit activity & history A dark figure seems to roam the corner of Acorn Drive and East Avenue. This Streamwood neighborhood was built between 1983 and 1988. Prior to that, historical aerial and topographic maps suggest it might’ve been a large homestead with possibly a farm. Up until sometime during…
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Park Jr. High School Hauntings

history: The original building was constructed in 1901 to function as a nunnery for Nazareth Academy. An addition was later added in 1949. The school underwent further construction sometime in the late 1960s. Nazareth Academy moved out of the building in 1974, and Park Jr. High School took its place. spirit activity: During the years…
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All You Need To Know About Chodl Auditorium Haunting.

📷: Wikipedia history: During the 1970s a Teacher by the name of Mr. Drew (George Drew) worked at Morton East High School in their Theater Department. The rumor goes that Mr. Drew suffered a heart attack, passing away the day of their opening night for West Side Story. Sadly never getting his chance to see…
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Alsip Cemetery – Alsip, IL

The city of Alsip used to be a large brickyard for the city of Chicago. Originally plans were to also build a huge cemetery named The City of Chicago Cemetery. Ultimately that never happened, but Alsip still has the highest number of burials cemetery wise.

Sunrise Park

📷: My Suburban Life history: In the mid 19th century a man in his 40s had a home by the woods.  His home bordered a school, and was destroyed due to many complaints from parents.  He sought his revenge by killing the school children, and leaving their bones in an area surrounding the woods in…
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