Ultimate Guide to the Old Ovaltine Factory Hauntings

Ultimate Guide to the Old Ovaltine Factory Hauntings

Closed in 1985 and left abandoned, homeless people used the Ovaltine Factory frequently for shelter.  There were also satanic rituals that took place in the corridors of the factory where small to medium animals were rumored to be sacrificed.  People who went into this location described feelings of being watched and followed, encountered unexplained cold spots, heard voices and cries that came from nowhere as well as voices that somehow knew their name.

Also reported are people who have had large piles of debris thrown at them violently with no natural explanation behind it.  Amateur ghost hunters who investigated the Ovaltine factory often times had multiple batteries die on them which were brand new or fully charged.  Even people passing by on the Prairie Path (which borders the South side of the factory) talked about how they felt weird when passing by the factory almost as if someone was watching them.

Factory in disarray sometime in the ’90s.

In December 1997 the old Ovaltine Factory was finally sold and later after being approved the location was revamped into the Lincoln At Ovaltine Court Apartments, which were completed in early 2003.  The hauntings there have continued according to some residents.  New occurrences began to happen, overall the place is rumored to be just as active as before.

Reports from occupants living in the apartments include footsteps running on the roof, screams, flickering lights, and feelings of being watched (most common).  Also residents report doors they had known to of locked are later mysteriously somehow unlocked, their TV’s turn on and off at will and even change channels (which could possibly be debunked as some kind of electrical interference).

Some report of sounds of moaning coming from somewhere in their room.  Noises are often heard that can’t be accounted for (i.e. footsteps when no one is there).  Curtains are known to have moved/changed position on their own.  Objects are moved around in rooms in the middle of the night after residents specifically recall placing them in one location.  Lots report of strange drafts they can’t find any explanation for.  Some animals such as Cats or Dogs act weird and don’t feel comfortable in certain parts of the room.  Many who move in end up moving out after only a short amount of time.

North side of original building present day.

After all the construction was completed the basement of the building remained closed and still is for unknown reasons(sounds like legend, source?).  The entity’s may be the souls of workers who had died in the factory or people who had been struck and killed by the trains on Villa where the now Prairie Path was once a railway.

During its 14 years of being abandoned and without electricity people would often see lights through the windows, this could easily be debunked as possibly being the homeless burning fires for warmth or candles from satanic rituals or even people with flashlights in the factory searching for the entity’s.

There is one ghost photo that was taken during the time this building was abandoned (1985-1999).  But this can also be debunked as being somebody in the factory or their shadow, as well as possibly being caused by cars driving by and having their headlights bounce of areas of the factory casting shadows.

Looking east along the old Great Western Railway, now a multi use trail. North side of Ovaltine on the right.  1976 photo by Dan Hitchcock.

(Video footage of the abandoned Ovaltine Factory shot in 1991.  Uploaded by Fjpfloyd via YouTube.)

The haunting that goes on in this building has been published in a couple of books one of which is titled Chicago Hunts: Scenes From Myth And Memory By: Ursula Bielski – See more at:

October, 2012 Update:  Things are seen moving in the woods near the factory.  Homes nearby factory also reportedly haunted.  Residents have witnessed multiple orbs in their Apartment.

November 2019 Update: The whispering voices reported here and some of the more violent encounters point to possible negative spirit presence.  Always be careful and exercise caution in instances with events like these.

Location: 1 Ovaltine Ct, Villa Park, IL 60181 (Google Maps)

Type of Haunting: intelligent

Type of Spirit(s): human + possible non-human

Nature of Spirit(s): benevolent + malevolent

Number of Spirits: several to many

Notoriety of Haunting: 🔥🔥🔥🔥 4/5

HauntedChicagoland.com Editor✏️ Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 4/5 stars

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