Alsip Cemetery – Alsip, IL

Alsip Cemetery – Alsip, IL

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The city of Alsip used to be a large brickyard for the city of Chicago.  Originally plans were to also build a huge cemetery named The City of Chicago Cemetery.  Ultimately that never happened, but Alsip still has the highest number of burials cemetery wise.

spirit activity:

Many of the older plots that homes were built on have previously dug grave sites.  There are reports of apparitions, and disembodied voices.  Several homeowners specifically recall leaving items in one spot, only to return to find them mysteriously moved. These are just a few occurrences, other things can, and do happen.

Do you live in Alsip? Perhaps you’re living on-top of one of these older plots! Spooky, or cool? We’ll let you decide…

Type of Haunting: intelligent

Type of Spirit(s): likely human

Nature of Spirit(s): benevolent

Number of Spirits: several to many

Notoriety of Haunting:  2/5 🔥

Haunted Chicagoland Editor Rating:  2/5 stars ⭐⭐

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