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Park Jr. High School Hauntings

history: The original building was constructed in 1901 to function as a nunnery for Nazareth Academy. An addition was later added in 1949. The school underwent further construction sometime in[…]

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The Old York Manor Crane Sanitorium

Story Last Updated: November 27th, 2021 history: York Manor was a three-story red brick structure built in 1891, however other reports say the Gothic mansion had been completed as far[…]

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Ghost Train – Elmhurst, IL

An invisible freight train barrels through Elmhurst on the railroad tracks every Tuesday morning at 3:30.  You will hear the train and feel the vibrations but you can’t see it. […]

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Famous Hauntings Of Chicagoland:

Below are what we consider to be some of the most famous hauntings in Chicagoland.  These locations hold high notoriety to many here in the region.  This is a good place to get started if you’re new to the website, or ghostly happenings in general.

Old Ovaltine Factory – Villa Park, IL

People who went into this location described feelings of being watched and followed, encountered unexplained cold spots, heard voices and cries that came from nowhere as well as voices that somehow knew their name.

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Cuba Road

Gangsters used to frequent this road back during the prohibition era, and used the area as a vacation spot. Al Capone was rumored to vacation here along Cuba Road and Lake County. The most frequently reported paranormal occurrences here are the ghost cars.

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