Haunted Chicagoland was created in November 2018 to offer an in-depth look into haunted locations, and to serve as an archive for all things haunted in the immediate region. We have been publishing paranomal articles for other websites since 2009 before launching as our own entity 4 years ago. We have been studying ghosts and spirits since the late 1990’s. Haunted Chicagoland is a small organization based out of the West Suburbs of Chicago.

Haunted Chicagoland dives into the history and background pertaining to each haunt, and we dig through local newspaper archives, libraries, and by talking to eye witnesses and locals.

On Haunted Chicagoland you can find some of the most infamous local haunts, as well as more obscure findings you might not have been aware of.  We’re striving to be the largest index of local hauntings on the internet.

Join us on our journey, and happy trails!

-Haunted Chicagoland