Peabody’s Mansion

Peabody’s Mansion



The Mayslake Peabody estate, a large gothic structure, was built from 1919-1921. The estate was constructed for Francis Stuyvesant Peabody. Peabody used the mansion as a country home. The property is named in honor of his first wife, who died in 1907, and his daughter, both of who were named May. Mr Peabody also happened to own one of the largest coal companies in the United States, Peabody Coal Company.

Just a year after the completion of the mansion, Francis Peabody died of a heart attack on August 27th, 1922, he was 63 years old. Soon afterwards his family moved out of the house. The property was then sold to the Franciscan Order in 1924. In 1926 the Portiuncula Chapel was built in memory of Peabody. The Chapel is a replica of the Chapel of St. Francis of Assisi, located in Assisi, Italy. The Portiuncula Chapel was originally built at the site where Peabody’s death occurred. It was moved in 1973 to its current location north of the mansion.

Portiuncula Chapel

spirit activity:

Those who visit the mansion during the daytime, and the lucky ones to spend the night have reported many types of strange activity. Locals have often seen apparitions in the mansion. Cold spots can be felt which have no natural explanation behind them. In the Sunroom, which overlooks the Lake, mysterious piano music has been heard numerous times. Some have even had their face touched with what can only be described as invisible hands.

A known spirit of the house is that of a young child, a boy. He was the child of a housekeeper who worked at the Mansion for Mr. Peabody. Tragically one afternoon the young boy was playing with a ball when he suddenly fell down the stairs behind the kitchen. The stairs were long and steep and sadly he did not survive. Often times in the kitchen hallway you get the feeling you’re being watched, and are overtaken by the feeling of indescribable dread. This particular part of the mansion is rumored to be incredibly haunted.

Looking south toward the Mansion from the Chapel.

Peabody’s Mansion is a large gothic structure.  Peabody was reported to die of a heart attack.  Soon after his family moved out of the house.  Locals have often seen apparitions in the mansion.

Location: 1717 31st St, Oak Brook, IL 60523 (Google Maps)

Type of Haunting: intelligent

Type of Spirit(s): human + possible demons

Nature of Spirit(s): mostly benevolent + some possible benevolent

Number of Spirits: a few to several

Notoriety of Haunting: ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ 5/5 Editor Rating: ðŸŒŸðŸŒŸðŸŒŸðŸŒŸ 4/5 stars

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