The Secrets of the Old Haunted Evangelical Church Cemetery

The Secrets of the Old Haunted Evangelical Church Cemetery

Story Last Updated: November 27th, 2021


Located behind the Church and supposedly a very haunted cemetery.  The small Church, built in 1881, dates back to the early settlement years of Chicago and its suburbs. It stood during the time of fugitive slaves. The cemetery and accompanying Church sit behind the Old Graue Mill.

Graue Mill was a gristmill powered by Salt Creek, and was constructed in 1852. The building was used as a stop for the Underground Railroad, and DuPage County was one of the last stops before their true freedom in Canada via the Great Lakes. Many of these slaves came through Illinois from Missouri.

Sadly many did not make it to freedom. Some were captured and subsequently killed. While others fell victim to the cold Chicago winter. unfortunately, some even chose to commit suicide because of the hardships of the journey.

spirit activity:

Although not as well known as some other haunted locations, those familiar with the cemetery consider it to be one of the most haunted in Chicagoland, as well as the entire country. Putting it on par with Bachelor’s Grove and White Cemetery. Burials in Evangelical Church Cemetery date back to 1877. Many of those burials were slaves who never made it to their freedom in Canada.

The old Evangelical Church.

Upon entering the cemetery some people feel uncomfortable. A weird energy can be felt within the cemetery grounds, an energy that just feels different than the surrounding area. Feelings of being watched have been reported, as well as feeling overcome with hopelessness and despair.

Supposedly late at night in summer you can see apparitions of the slaves moving throughout the cemetery and also in the Church. The apparitions themselves are seen often as well. They are described as looking emaciated and appearing scared, before simply vanishing.

Besides the full manifestation apparitions, weird balls of light and other photo anomalies such as “fogs” have often been captured in photographs. These former travelers of the infamous Underground Railroad are rumored to be the only spirits inhabiting the location.

Location: 3724 Washington St, Oakbrook, IL 60523 (Google Maps)

Type of Haunting: intelligent

Type of Spirit(s): human

Nature of Spirit(s): benevolent

Number of Spirits: a few to several

Notoriety of Haunting: 🔥🔥 2/5 Editor✏️ Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 stars

PLEASE NOTE: Cemetery Hours: Sunrise – Sunset. Please respect the Evangelical Church Cemetery hours for visiting. We recommend coming just before Sunset for your best chances of encountering possible activity and enjoying the rich history of this well-kept suburban cemetery.

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