Category: Haunted Locations

St. Stephen Cemetery

A small local cemetery that dates back to the mid 19th century is reported to be haunted.  Feelings of being watched from the cemetery are common when traveling nearby on the Great Western Trail late at night. Location: Carol Stream, IL 60188 (Google Maps) -Cemetery doesn’t have address. -Just Northwest of Concrete Plant. Rumored Type of Haunting: intelligent Type…
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Single Track Train Track

When I first heard of this haunting, it sounded almost like an urban-legend.  It reminded me of your typical story of a lady in white roaming a cemetery.  I wanted to dig deeper because I was skeptical, and because I only had this little tid-bit of information below to go by for 5 years until…
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Ultimate Guide to the Old Ovaltine Factory Hauntings

Closed in 1985 and left abandoned, homeless people used the Ovaltine Factory frequently for shelter.  There were also satanic rituals that took place in the corridors of the factory where small to medium animals were rumored to be sacrificed.  People who went into this location described feelings of being watched and followed, encountered unexplained cold…
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